9-2017 Jordbävningståliga byggtekniker i Nepal

Forskare: Carolina Nilsson, Hoda Karamzadeh.  Hur kan jordbävningssäkra konstruktioner byggas i Nepal? Projektet arbetar nära organisationen Build Up Nepal och utforskar byggmaterialet concrete stabilized earth bricks som huvudsakligen används av organisationen. Resa i Nepal 2017 resulterade i utveckling av byggprocesserna och utbildning av bybor. Instruktionsmanual för takkonstruktion har tagits fram, samt en mobilanpassad internetsida och[…]

15-2017 Daylighting and Lighting under a Nordic Sky 

Forskare: Marie-Claude Dubois, Malin Alenius, Iason Bournas, Niko Gentile, Thorbjörn Laike et al.  Med medel från ARQ har publikationen Daylighting and Lighting under a Nordic Sky utkommit på Studentlitteratur förlag. Marie-Claude Dubois på White är ledande expert på dagsljus och redaktör för denna nyutkomna fackbok fylld med kunskap om gällande regelverk och metoder för att säkra[…]

4-2017 Feminist Urban Design Tools in Rinkeby – an implementation experimentation

Forskare: Marina Ziakoli. This project is set out to experiment with feminist tools in urban design. The problematic arises from a simple observation: men have been the dominant presence on Rinkeby square. It is not an uncommon phenomenon in many public spaces, in which a combination of factors contributes. This project started as a master[…]

3-2017 Minus Carbon and Plus Energy Refugee Shelter

Forskare: Marwa Dabaieh. An experimental living lab for an eco-cycle minus carbon and plus energy refugee house. Main construction materials are plant based fibres, wood and earth. No waste is generated during the construction, operation and after end of life. Passive and zero carbon concepts for heating, cooling and daylight are used. The house is[…]

19-2017 Architecture and Society: The Continuity of Change – Docomomo

Researcher: Claes Caldenby. Docomomo is an international NGO which since 1992 has worked with documentation and conservation of architecture of the modern movement. Every second year it organizes a large international conference. In August 2018 it is held in Ljubljana with the theme ”Metamorphosis: The Continuity of Change”. Claes Caldenby, who in the early 2000s[…]

13-2017 Healthy Hospital Mkula Phase 1

Researchers: Nathalie Kullberg, Angelica Lexell, Nanette Cronemyr. These Master Theses are initiatives of the Healthy Hospital project group consisting of Civil Engineers and Architects. Within the project an 8-week case study will be performed at a hospital in Mkula, Tanzania. During the time on site, several improvements of the infrastructure will be done mainly focusing[…]