8-2015 Structural Origami – Conceptual Design and Optimization Methods of Folded Plate Structures

Researchers: Camilla Samuelsson, Björn Vestlund.
Detta är ett studentssamarbetsprojekt: examensarbete inom teknik och design. 

Studentprojekt (samverkan mellan de sökande studenterna vid arkitektur och vid tekniskt program). Collaborative student project: Master Thesis in Structural Engineering and Building Technology. Folding of a plate will affect its stiffness, shape and expression. This principle can be used in architecture to create material efficient structures that are load bearing, space enclosing and expressive at the same time. Folded plate structures are not very developed or commonly used in the building industry, apart from in the very basic form of simply corrugated sheets. To create more complex folded plate structures, the designer need to have an understanding of the mechanical and kinematical behavior associated with different fold patterns. Further, a method for parametrical modelling and analysis will give more possibilities and facilitate the design process.

Download PDF: ARQ 8-2015_Structural Origami_Report2016