5-2019 Out of the Blue

Forskare: Jenny Mäki, Ingjerd Sandven Kleivan, Rebekah Schaberg

”Out of the Blue” is a co-creation project about water as an existential global and local issue. The project manifested in a book anthology with contributions from 10+ authors; designers, architects, urbanists and landscape architects from all the world have contributed with articles, projects and case studies that explore the changing lives and identities of communities and cultures. The book catalyzes long-term knowledge-sharing and collaboration between professionals who work with water and climate change in different contexts.

Climate change is blue. Warming seas mean rising tides. Throughout history, 90 per cent of our cities have developed with a close connection to water and along coastal lines. Responding to the challenges of climate change’s impact on water resources requires rapid adaptation strategies at the local, regional, national and global levels. Water will be a primary technical challenge for future cities, but water also has the potential to deliver great social qualities contributing to citizens’ wellbeing.

The Out of the Blue book collects different stories, discussions and case studies from all over the world in an anthology. The format of a book supports a creative and visual storyline on the critical worldwide design issue.