5-2016 Opportunity Space

Forskare: Jerome Chou et al. 

Opportunity Space is an international design competition to create temporary meeting areas in Malmö’s public spaces that support greater social integration and economic opportunity. The competition will engage local stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams around the world to produce design and program solutions in 30 days. The winning team will build their proposed meeting area, while offering apprenticeships to youth. The meeting area will host markets, classes, or other programs to connect people to work.

Van Alen worked with more than 30 NGOs, government agencies, and businesses to organize the festival and offer programs. More than 1,300 people visited the festival for shared meals and dance performances; CV-writing workshops and job interviews; and other activities to help people meet each other, learn new skills, exchange ideas, and prepare to enter the job market. The festival took place in a custom-designed temporary pavilion selected from Van Alen Institute’s 2016 Opportunity Space design competition.

Läs om projektet presenterat i AD den 9 juni 2017: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/how-architecture-is-helping-refugees-find-jobs-malmo-sweden

More about the project: https://www.vanalen.org/projects/opportunity-space-festival/

Download full PDF: ARQ 5-2016_Opportunity Space Festival_project summary