14-2017 Sustainable Healthcare Architecture in Developing Countries

Researchers: Maria Glädt, Tania Sande Beiro. 

The project aims to carry out a new master plan and a feasibility study for a new Mother and child unit at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DR Congo. The aim of the project is to build a center that can be a model for a modern maternity and neonatal care in Central Africa. The social dimension is the basis for the project, that seeks to explore and strengthen the ecological and economic sustainability. Panzi Hospital is an internationally recognized institution headed by human rights defender and the Peace Prize candidate Dr. Denis Mukwege. The hospital has a world famous reputation for the treatment of women and girls with complex gynecological injuries and victims of sexual violence. Violence has a huge impact on their lives and on society. The healthcare model is holistic and meets the entire range of patient needs: physical recovery, psychosocial and emotional support, community rehabilitation and legal aid. The project is a collaboration between White, Panzi Hospital, CVA at Chalmers University, Gothenburg University and Art of Life and Birth.

Download full PDF: ARQ 14-2017_Sustainable Healthcare Architecture in Developing Countries_Rapport2017
Download project publication PDF: A master plan and new mother and baby unit at Panzi Hospital – A proposal for sustainable healthcare architecture by White Arkitekter eds. Agnes Orstadius & Tania Sande Beiro