14-2013 Naturliga och hybridbaserade ventilationslösningar

Forskare: Maria Nordberg.

Natural ventilation can work certain parts of the year fulfilling the requirements on indoor air quality, temperatures and required airflows. The higher up in the building the more unstable the airflows are in warmer weathers and they need to be reinforced. The CFD models show however that there is a substantial risk of people feeling discomfort because of draught, especially for the lowest outdoor temperatures. That is a known risk for this type of ventilation method. If people have control over the situation and are used to the natural ventilation they are however more likely to accept it. Hybrid ventilation that can retain sufficient airflows for warmer weathers and prevent draught during the coldest times is therefore a good and environmentally friendly ventilation option. Office buildings that are ventilated with natural or hybrid ventilation are ideally placed in quiet suburbia surroundings or have a spacious yard, rather than in areas where there is risk of noise and air pollution like in densely built central areas. The simulation shows that natural ventilation works for this design in certain temperatures and conditions.

Rapporten är skriven både på svenska och engelska och omfattar 258 sidor. 
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