11-2021 PED-ID: Holistic assessment and innovative stakeholder involvement process for identification of Positive-Energy-Districts

The PED-ID project involved partners from across Europe with  living labs located in Uppsala (Sweden), Vienna (Austria) and Rožnov (Czech Republic). It aimed to accelerate decarbonisation in urban environments by promoting the implementation of Positive-Energy-Districts (PED) and developing innovative assessment and stakeholder engagement methods. PEDs are districts in urban areas that manage their resources to achieve a positive energy balance, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project developed and tested methods, tools and guidance for the early stage of development of PEDs using real living labs with potential PED projects, where White arkitekter took on the role of the “PED Enabler” at the Uppsala Business Park (UBP) living lab.The learning and experience gained from the PED-ID R&I projects has created a new Positive Energy Planning Process (PEPP), which is a service on urban development and regeneration projects. Positive energy districts – PED | White Arkitekter