6-2019 Practical Applications of Concrete Elements Produced by Ice Formwork Fabrication

Forskare: Vasily Sitnikov, KTH School of Architecture

The financial support provided by ARQ foundation allowed to conduct in-depth study and physical testing of a innovative method of sustainable production of complex architectural elements of high-performance concrete. Vasily Sitnikov have conducted research, design development, fabrication and dissemination of a practical application of innovative digital concrete fabrication method studied as part of a PhD thesis at KTH School of Architecture. The method is based on the use of ordinary ice as the molding material in production of precast concrete element. The result of the project is a prototype fabrication of a façade element – a lightweight complex geometry concrete rain-screen panel. The design has been developed in dialogue with a progressive Dutch precast manufacturer (mbX) and UK structural engineers (Buro Happold).

The design development and fabrication has been published in a peer-reviewed conference paper, ACADIA 2019. ACADIA has granted Sitnikov permission to publish the article at Arqforsk.se. Additionally, a video documentation of the prototyp fabrication has been produced and published online.

Video:  https://vimeo.com/367759187

Download full PDF: ARQ 6-2019 Final Report

Download: ACADIA conference paper