4-2015 Innovativa lösningar för bra dagsljus och låg energiförbrukning i flerfamiljshus – MKB Greenhouse

Forskare: Marie-Claude Dubois. 

The main idea here is that each participants develops an individual and more substantial in-depth study with respect to what is proposed in the original project application. For example, in addition to performing the in situ measurements and simulations, one student proposed to look specifically at the effect of orientation and height from ground on daylighting and energy performance. Another student proposed to focus on the effect of daylighting at the Greenhouse on circadian health while a third student will concentrate on the effect of the glazed balcony on daylighting. This project organization allows meeting the overall project goal while allowing each student to develop an individual study subject, which is required for the Master’s thesis at Lund University. The project will produce three Master’s theses since two of the students were in pair.

Download full PDF: ARQ 4-2015_Innovativa lösningar för flerfamiljshus Greenhouse_Rapport 2017