3-2017 Minus Carbon and Plus Energy Refugee Shelter

Forskare: Marwa Dabaieh.

An experimental living lab for an eco-cycle minus carbon and plus energy refugee house. Main construction
materials are plant based fibres, wood and earth. No waste is generated during the construction, operation and after
end of life. Passive and zero carbon concepts for heating, cooling and daylight are used. The house is energy selfsufficient
using renewables. The refugees are part of the design and construction following a participatory action
research method. The beneficiaries include not only refugees but also majority of youth seeking affordable and
sustainable housing.

Download full PDF: ARQ 3-2017_Minus Carbon and Plus Energy Refugee Shelter_Report 2017
Download printed report version: ARQ 3-2017_Minus Carbon and Plus Energy Design Home Kit_Marwa Dabaieh